First, there are three basic parts of an AC unit: the air conditioner compressor, its condenser and an evaporator. The air conditioner compressor squeezes the cool Freon gas causing it to become the hot, high-pressured Freon gas. The role of the Freon may be contrasted to the gasoline as the fuel of a car that flows around the ducts to make its engine start. In the same way, Freon gas works almost the same way. As hot gas, it circulates through a set of coils to disperse its heat. Then it condenses into a liquid. From its liquid state, it runs to another passageway ending up in the evaporator. Here, the liquid evaporates and transforms into the cold, low-pressure Freon gas. While another vent in the unit sucks the hot air from the room, another vent releases the converted cool air gas and replaces the hot air in the room. This is now the cool air that is blown to cool the inside of the room or house. This process goes on continuously until the room, the house or the entire building attains the coolness of temperature that has been set in the thermostat.

Tips to Extend the Serviceability of Your AC Unit

1. Replace Dirty Filters 
Owners must monitor the ac unit’s filters. Once you notice that the filters are dirty, you must replace them immediately with new ones. You can purchase new filters in advance for future use. This is a well recommended proactive move in anticipation for instances when supermarkets or stores in your area sometimes run out of supply of filters.

2. Keep Area Around Your Unit Clear of Debris 
Your AC unit must be cleared of any kind of debris like plants. It is a general rule to have a clearance of 1 meter on all four sides of the central air cooling unit and at least 3-6 feet clearance on the top as well as on its side inclusive of the fan.

3. Keep Condensing Unit Clean 
Check your condensing unit once or twice a month or whenever you see it clogged. You should have it cleared from all kinds of debris. This is also to ensure that clean air will be circulated by your ac unit into your house.

4. Get a Regular Maintenance and Repair Service Plan 
Just like having a check-up once a year with your doctor, your ac unit also needs a regular check up to maintain its high cooling performance. Once a year or every six months check up of the unit will do.

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