A wood finish protects the surface, enhances the grain, slows the seasonal changes in moisture content and imparts the feeling and visual quality of completeness. There are many techniques and products to accomplish this. Some of these finishes are easier to apply than others, none of them are quick, but all of them will provide a protective coating on the surface of wood.

The information available about wood finishes is vast and sometimes confusing. However, be clear on this as the finish will not cover any turning mistakes, torn grain, tool marks or sanding scratches. In fact, most finishes will accent them and make them all the more obvious. Find out more wood finish secrets here.

Neither will the finish stop the natural aging process that makes all wood change color with the passing of time on exposure to air and sunlight. This process can be slowed down with various UV inhibitors, and for a short period of time we will have the illusion that the process has stopped. However, over time, these inhibitors will lose their effectiveness, and over the years the wood will still turn dark.

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